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Afghanistan Calling Cards 15.0
Australia Calling Cards 0.9
Brazil Calling Cards 2.6
Canada Calling Cards 0.7
China Calling Cards 0.9
Colombia Calling Cards 3.7
Dominican Rep. Calling Cards 4.4
France Calling Cards 0.8
Germany Calling Cards 0.9
Ghana Calling Cards 5.5
India Calling Cards 4.8
Iraq Calling Cards 5.5
Israel Calling Cards 0.9
Italy Calling Cards 0.9
Jamaica Calling Cards 5.6
Japan Calling Cards 1.6
Korea South Calling Cards 1.3
Mexico Calling Cards 2.2
Mongolia Calling Cards 7.8
Nigeria Calling Cards 4.9
Pakistan Calling Cards 3.9
Philippines Calling Cards 9.7
Qatar Calling Cards 18.9
Russia Calling Cards 2.3
South Africa Calling Cards 4.0
Spain Calling Cards 1.0
UAE Calling Cards 14.5
UK Calling Cards 0.8
USA Calling Cards 0.9
Ukraine Calling Cards 6.9

Prepaid Calling Cards

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