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Top Destinations:

Afghanistan Calling Cards 15.0
Australia Calling Cards 0.9
Brazil Calling Cards 2.6
Canada Calling Cards 0.7
China Calling Cards 0.9
Colombia Calling Cards 3.7
Dominican Rep. Calling Cards 4.4
France Calling Cards 0.8
Germany Calling Cards 0.9
Ghana Calling Cards 5.5
India Calling Cards 4.8
Iraq Calling Cards 5.5
Israel Calling Cards 0.9
Italy Calling Cards 0.9
Jamaica Calling Cards 5.6
Japan Calling Cards 1.6
Korea South Calling Cards 1.3
Mexico Calling Cards 2.2
Mongolia Calling Cards 7.8
Nigeria Calling Cards 4.9
Pakistan Calling Cards 3.9
Philippines Calling Cards 9.7
Qatar Calling Cards 18.9
Russia Calling Cards 2.3
South Africa Calling Cards 4.0
Spain Calling Cards 1.0
UAE Calling Cards 14.5
UK Calling Cards 0.8
USA Calling Cards 0.9
Ukraine Calling Cards 6.9

Prepaid Calling Cards

North America, Latin America and the Caribbean Calling Cards

You are in our shop for North America, Latin America and the Caribbean calling cards!

We offer some benefits as the lowest calling rates for a couple of locations: USA, Canada, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean. The specification of phoning these countries and purchasing calling cards is high qualitative connection and low prices. You'll see the activeness of our services even on international calls to Mexico, Canada or USA and calls to Latin America and the Caribbean countries.

You can purchase either a Mexico calling card or a USA or other one every time you need it and refill your account from anywhere you are located. If you're planning a long distance call to Canada or Latin America countries, for example, see how cheap and effective our services are in comparison with Internet calls and real shops - use a prepaid card and you'll be able to access the chosen place of destination from any point of the world.

We'll now provide you with some recommendations. For instance, if you want to call Mexico with our Mexico phone cards, you need to choose a place of location and destination from a drop list, than pay an account and receive a PIN. After receiving the PIN you're free to access our services anytime.

The preferences of Latin America, Mexico, Canada or USA phone card from our shop are: the lowest calling rates, high qualitative connection and clear audibility, wide range of destinations to choose.

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