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Overseas & Reliance & Budget Calling Cards

TelCalls.com is the reliance calling cards & budget phone cards online retail dealer.

PIN-Less Dialing — Your phone number's registration, which allows you to call with a phone card without using a PIN-number.

Speed-Dial — The possibility to call touching only three keys.

Refillable PINs — Refill your phone card anytime you need, 24/7

Auto-Refill — Your calling card won't expire in minutes if you determine the minimum balance and the refill sum

Balance Transfer — The ability to transfer money from your calling card to another refillable phone card.

My Account — Monitor your PINs, calling history, transfer balances, purchase history, Auto-Refill and so on...

*Calling History — Special phone cards show calling history lists on the Internet. Process it with "My Account" around-the-clock

Local Access Numbers — Use more time with your phone card with the help of local access numbers!

Global Access Numbers — Make long distance calls from anywhere: access numbers are available in more than 150 countries

Gift Calling Card — The gift receiver can choose and phone card from a wide variety. You purchase a card and he makes a choice.

Calling Cards Affiliate Program — Create and Promote your own Online Calling Cards Store. Create your own International Sales Network and let it expand, increasing your earnings!

Make cheap international calls using a web page! You don't need to enter a PIN to make a call. Neither you need software to process it.
Send our service a text message with a number you want to access and we'll connect you.
With the help of internet access or SIP hardware you can make cheaper international phone calls
My 800 Number
USA/Canada free number connected with a number you choose worldwide!
Make cheaper phone calls from a mobile-phone or a PDA. PIN is not needed.
Conference Call
Gather around 50 callers using international phone card's conference feature and save much money!


WiFi Phones — Make calls from anywhere you locate and have wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) No payments for roaming, no cables!

VoIP Phone Service — Spin out much money on phone bills! Call transfer, caller ID, voicemail, call waiting and others come into fundamental plan.


Top Calling Cards Destinations
Calling to ¢ Calling to ¢ Calling to ¢
Afghanistan Calling Cards 15.0 India Calling Cards 4.8 Pakistan Calling Cards 3.9
Australia Calling Cards 0.9 Iraq Calling Cards 5.5 Philippines Calling Cards 9.7
Brazil Calling Cards 2.6 Israel Calling Cards 0.9 Qatar Calling Cards 18.9
Canada Calling Cards 0.7 Italy Calling Cards 0.9 Russia Calling Cards 2.3
China Calling Cards 0.9 Jamaica Calling Cards 5.6 South Africa Calling Cards 4.0
Colombia Calling Cards 3.7 Japan Calling Cards 1.6 Spain Calling Cards 1.0
Dominican Rep. Calling Cards 4.4 Korea South Calling Cards 1.3 UAE Calling Cards 14.5
France Calling Cards 0.8 Mexico Calling Cards 2.2 UK Calling Cards 0.8
Germany Calling Cards 0.9 Mongolia Calling Cards 7.8 USA Calling Cards 0.9
Ghana Calling Cards 5.5 Nigeria Calling Cards 4.9 Ukraine Calling Cards 6.9

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